This is my Story and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for checking out my website. The album is currently being replicated and soon you will be able to download the album or individual songs from this website. It will also be available on most website that provide digital downloads. 

I've been playing guitar since age 10. While in my early teens I took a liking to the acoustic guitar and haven't looked back, though there is a Strat in my studio. I have always loved the music of Jon Martyn, Joni Mitchell, Leo Kottke, to name a few from the previous century as well as the likes of John Gorka, Darrell Scott and Shawn Colvin and call them all influences. My music reflects on my life's journey and experiences over the years.

Check out  my Upcoming Shows page. I love to play shows be it a coffeehouse, restaurant, library, art opening or you-name-it, enjoying the connection with audiences during a live performance. Give a listen to my new album, New Ground, on the music page!