December 2019

Holt High School December 3, 2019 LitFest

A few months back I was asked by a teacher at Holt High School in Wentzville Missouri to play and speak at their annual LitFest in early December. For two days during the school day authors, writers, poets, songwriters and many other creatives are invited to come to the auditorium, get up on stage and share their talents and then share how they do it.  To share what our process was for what we so passionately choose to pursue. 

I must say I was surprised that I was considered but happily showed up at 8:00 am and hopped up on the stage g voice and all and played a fews songs for two hundred plus students in the auditorium. I then spoke about my background, my late start at this song writing thing and my thoughts on the process of songwriting. 

I’ve always believed that music can be something that brings humans together but I was nervous that “young people” couldn’t relate to me and this could be a “bust”. that they couldn’t look past my thinning silver hair, wrinkled skin. As with most of my preconceived notions I was once again proven wrong. Towards the end of the class the students asked me questions and they had good practical and insightful questions. Then a few weeks later one of the teachers mailed me their hand written messages. Just under 50 notes. Reading these messages just absolutely made my week. My big takeaway is that they appreciated someone taking the time to come to their school and play and talk to them. There are many insightful and hopeful comments from these students that give me a measure of hope. Many asked that I come back. I loved it that I was wrong about the students. People are people and regardless of age music still works!

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