2020 New Years Blog

January 1, 2020 

Exactly one year ago today I started a new chapter in my life by pursuing my avocation full time. There have been successes and there have been other things that I just did not want to spend the time chasing. 

I certainly have played more gigs than in the past and I’ve tried some different things. I did a podcast (Rock Paper Cast). Played and spoke at a literature festival at a local high school. I played at “Live At The Library”, enjoyed a farmers markets gig, art fairs, and traveled to hear some of my favorite performers. Last November I  celebrated five years of making music with The Main Street Remnants, with dear friends Holly Barber and Steve Krenski. 

In February of 2019 I began taking voice lessons and have learned so much and I’m still going strong and working hard at it. 

I have a busy January coming up. 

January 5: Picasso’s Coffeehouse, Beale Street location for the 10-1pm Brunch time. 

January 13: The Main Street Remnants will be “Live At The Library” at the Spencer Creek Branch of St Charles City/County Library. We haven’t play together since November and we are really happy to get back to making music! 

January 18: The Main Street Remnants at The Wolf Cafe in Ballwin. 

January 22: I will play at The Songbird Cafe which is a “songwriters in the round” event at the Focal Point. There will be three other songwriters performing. there are still some tickets available. 


January 24: Picasso’s Coffeehouse as “Chris Griffith and Friends” at the Beale Street Location. 

January 30: The Old School in Nashville TN for a songwriters showcase of alums of the SongFood Workshops. I’ll be one a many folks who attended these workshops that are hosted by Darrell Scott. 

This year I have some ideas to change things up a bit and play even more music. See ya from the stage!


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