January 2017

Well I suppose it is appropriate to share something this new year. 2016 was a busy year with the release of the album, New Ground, playing some house concerts, front porch jams at Crafty LLC, as well as my regular solo gigs and then finishing the year strong with some real fun shows with my trio, The Main Street Remnants. I think the highlight of the year was my CD release party. I recall standing on the stage after everyone had left the venue with the lights off and just looking out on the room where we had just been playing our music and then feeling so thankful that I actually get to do, what I love to do, for my friends and the people I love, and even for folks who were walking down the street and just dropped in and stayed. I loved doing the album, but I love playing to and for people and having a connection. That is what drives this passion of mine.

I want to thank all of you who came out to countless shows and strongly support live music. We don't do this with out you, our friends, who listen to us and keep us motivated. I also wanted to thank all the different folks who played and helped out on the album. I am blessed!

We have winter mostly infront of us but I can slowly feel the days getting longer. Come out to show and get warmed up by the music!

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