From the recording New Ground

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Chris Griffith: guitar, vocal; Alvin Zamudio: backup vocals, bass, percussion, hammer dulcimers; Colin Blair: fiddle. Written by Chris Griffith. Produced by Alvin Zamudio.


The rain it’s been falling most all of this spring
The roads are like rivers, the fields are like streams
We live on a floodplain where your crops really grow
Because my banker needs high yields on the bushels I sow
The Big Muddy’s rising, extracting its toll
The Corp blew two levies; there are two more to go
They say that my land is the price to be paid
But where will they be at the end of the day
Once there were flowers, once there were trees
This place was ours, once we all had dreams
A year has gone by now, I thought time would heal
I’m fighting foreclosure, this doesn’t seem real
My family has owned this farm one hundred years
I’ll probably lose it, the way it appears
The corp now admits they might have acted in haste
When they took out those levies and wiped out my place
I’ve tried, yes I’ve tried, to rebound and get back
Some days I wonder if I can get back on track