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  1. What's With Me

From the recording New Ground

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Chris Griffith: guitar, vocals, backing vocals, bass; Rick Gray: electric guitar; Alvin Zamudio: “pants percussion” , backup vocals. Written by Chris Griffith. Produced by Alvin Zamudio


I’m at the house, out in the yard
Where in the kitchen, check the drawers
Under the bed, over the moon
Please don’t burst my childish balloon
Stuff the chairs; stuff your face
Run the light; win the race
You can’t see what’s left behind
But this I know that love ain’t blind
I’m looking for a reason why
That this won’t end with your typical goodbye
But I can’t see the forest for the leaves
This don’t look good for you or for me
Go to work; go back home
Never had this urge to leave or roam
Call it a day; try to step lightly
Upon these eggs the mess is unsightly
But I can’t read between the lines
Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headlines
Who are you what’s with me
I look at life for what it could be
I never listen to what’s inside
This makes for trouble, I’m horrified
Remember my birthday but forget my age
And close the book on this silly crusade