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  1. Over My Shoulder

From the recording New Ground

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Chris Griffith: guitar, vocals; Steve Krenski: electric guitar; Alvin Zamudio: percussion; Quentin Coe: bass, Holly Barber; backup vocals. Written by Chris Griffith. Produced by Alvin Zamudio


When the sun comes up
I’m looking over my shoulder
As the day goes by
I feel it as well
When the nighttime comes
It’s making me feel older
Welcome to a little slice of hell
As the years went by
And these memories smoldered
And the way I felt
Became my friend
I would start the day
And before it was over
I would bring it on myself in sweet revenge
But the years, went by and I saw that I was my daddy’s son
And I took a closer look and learned I was not the only one
When the sun comes up
I feel it on my shoulders
As the day goes by
I look ahead
When the nighttime comes
Sleep takes me over
Like a baby sleeping in her momma’s bed