From the recording New Ground

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Chris Griffith: guitar, vocals, 6 string banjo; Steve Krenski: dobro, lap slide; Quentin Coe: upright bass; Alvin Zamudio: percussion. Written by Chris Griffith.


I have seen the sunrise in the morning
I have seen it set and take leave for the night
I have heard the singing of the songbird
I have seen them leave for winter fast in flight
I have prayed for daybreak on a long, long night
I have hoped for kindness to prevail
But I’ve never seen this kind of sorrow
I never wanted to draw from that well
Words are like your weapons of destruction
Hammered freely, yielded with delight
Pounded fast, coming from all directions
No letting up, no ending in sight
Take a breath, take stock of the damage
Take a breath, and take stock of your life
Take your pill, don’t call me till the morning
It’s the thrill, you just might lose your life
It’s a thrill, you just might lose your life
I have heard the voices of the angels
Walking under glimmering street lights
And this choir with their pristine voices
This host, all dressed in pearly white
But my dreams, they mostly are forgotten
My dreams, they mostly are gone
All I’ve got are these sad, sad stories
That I’ll share, with anyone who comes along
That I’ll share, with anyone who comes along