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This was written in December 2015 during the flooding in the St Louis area. It reminded me of the time in 1973 when I was offered the option of going to school that day or filling sandbags along the Missouri River. I have been running from hard labor ever since.
Chris Griffith: Vocal, harmony vocals, guitar and 6 string banjo. Alvin Zamudio: produced and engineered. Bass guitar and percussion.


Down here on the levee
The river’s running high
The rain won’t stop, the creeks are full
We haven’t seen the sky
For two months at least it seems that way
I’m soaked to the bone
I’d give to you both my eyeteeth
To spend some time at home

Down here on the levee
The river’s running free
We’ve not seen the likes of this
Since nineteen ninety-three
That makes my head spin around and round
And takes me back in time
To this levee in this river town
I ask myself why….

Do I stay in this place by the river
Do I stay in this place in my mind

Down here on the levee
Folks are looking grim
It’s rained so much that folk round here
Are coming total unhinged
There are fights up on the levee
And the river’s not the foe
They take a tumble down the bank
And the river claims it’s toll (there they go)

Down here on the levee
There’s nothing much to do
But shovel bags of sand and dirt
And pay the devil what he’s due
And it seems like he wants more and more
With the river’s surging tide
Most all of plan to leave
Before the sun will rise

On this levee
Down here on the levee, down here in this hole
Down here on the levee, where I lost my soul